Why HighPoint


Why Choose HighPoint?

We're different from other student success providers. We're focused, user-centered, and we drive measurable outcomes.

We believe in the power of simple technology to drive large-scale social change.

We’re passionate about improving education and helping students through the maze of their academic journey. Unlike others, we are unique in our perspective on the role of technology in shaping that journey. We believe powerful technology should feel simple, and that the best outcomes come when students are empowered to take agency. Our products help our partners do their jobs better. We’re in service to you.

We’ve done this for a long time, and we know what we’re doing.

We’ve been in business since 2006, and have helped over 140 academic institutions and over three million students, staff and alumni. We’re a team of engineers, and know the right way to build software. We know the complexity of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, and work to make the system a modern and intuitive tool without trading off its complexity and power.

Our Mission


We work to help students and staff navigate the complexity of the educational system.

We create products that simplify powerful technology so that students can succeed: so they can build a path towards completion, take the right courses in the right sequence, ensure their financial aid is applied successfully, and graduate on time.

We help students succeed by empowering schools with technical solutions that drive measurable outcomes, and we do this with a laser focus on integration with the core driver of many institutions: PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. We only work with PeopleSoft, and we have deep expertise in the platform’s capabilities. Our engineers are platform experts. And because we work inside of PeopleSoft, there’s no data migration or integration. Information isn’t transferred between systems or moved around. We’re up and running fast.

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