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What we do:

We help higher education institutions maximize their use of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions for greater efficiency, seamless student engagement and maximum student success. Close to 130 institutions and three million students currently leverage our technology.

How we do it:

We leverage data within PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and extend its functionality, giving students and staff a simple and pleasurable way to execute tasks more efficiently than in PeopleSoft alone.

Our solution is unique in that it resides inside PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, offering real-time, secure insight in a matter of a few clicks and can be implemented in only a few weeks. All student-facing apps are mobile-enabled in the app store and allow students to take control of their educational journey on the devices they are already using, with the least amount of effort.

Our Products:

HighPoint Mobile

HighPoint Mobile

We take many of the features in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, add great student success tools, and make it available on mobile devices for ultimate accessibility and empowerment. Students can quickly and easily check grades, view class schedules, enroll in classes, verify financial aid, visualize their educational journey and plan their next steps in real time, anytime.
Power to the people.

HighPoint Schedule Builder

HighPoint Schedule Builder

We give students the ability to personalize their academic schedule based on the real-time availability of classes, degree requirements and prerequisite completions. Schedule Builder is linked to HighPoint Degree Planner to enable students to plan their schedules, then add them to their schedule in a matter of seconds.
No more waiting; no more surprises.

HighPoint Roadmap

HighPoint Roadmap

We make the educational journey easy to plan and even easier to see. Our visual management tool allows staff to define and illustrate a path for any business process, such as a student’s degree path and financial aid progress. Students can see what steps they’ve completed and what they need to do as they continue forward.
No more guessing; no more unnecessary steps.

HighPoint Financial Aid Automation

HighPoint SIS Automation

We automate much of SIS processing in many departments with our easy-to-use-and-configure solution to PeopleSoft Checklist and Communication Management. In the case of Financial aid, advisors can administer aid effectively without having to wait for IT, and students can own their own pathway without having to stand in line. In fact, these efficiencies give students the ability to address 45 percent of their checklist items themselves.
Now that’s empowering.

HighPoint Financial Aid Course Auditor

HighPoint Course Auditor

We make ED financial aid compliance a breeze when it comes to course applicability, remedial credits and repeat coursework. Our solution allows institutions to identify situations that fail to meet eligibility by automatically flagging classes in PeopleSoft after a student enrolls. Administrators and students are instantly notified, so no one wastes time cross-checking.
Say goodbye to risk.

HighPoint Message Center

HighPoint Message Center

We enhance PeopleSoft with two-way communication between students and business offices. Our Message Center provides rapid, FERPA-compliant, paperless communication with certificate of delivery, bidirectional messaging, institution-controlled reply authorization, threaded messages and message recall. Institutions can send nudges, push notifications and/or general emails directing students to their Message Center, then track message penetration and open rates.

HighPoint Degree Planner

HighPoint Degree Planner

Most students appreciate a little direction when they enroll in school. Most institutions want to see their students succeed and graduate on time. HighPoint Degree Planner solves both issues by giving students a clear pathway to on-time graduation.

“HighPoint’s product provided deep integration with PeopleSoft and many third party integrations. We were able to go-live successfully in a minimal amount of time, without draining our current resources. We utilized HighPoint’s built in reporting to track our mobility adaptation rates and found that students were gravitating to HighPoint’s product. We have received great feedback from our students on the functionality and usability of the product. We are looking forward to utilizing HighPoint’s notification, messaging and other value added features to thoroughly engage our students and deliver a superior mobile experience to them.”

Dr. Ahmed El-Haggan

Dr. Ahmed El-Haggan
Coppin State University

“Having the mobile application installed and available validated the foresight at the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska State College System in delivering the mobile experience to Nebraska students. The students overwhelmingly reported HighPoint Mobile as being intuitive, useful and simple to use while ‘on the go’…Using mobile self-service resulted in increased student happiness and reduced workload for Nebraska’s heavily-worked administrators.”

Don Mihulka

Don Mihulka
Associate CIO
University of Nebraska

“We had looked at other products but felt that HighPoint had the more straight forward approach interface to PeopleSoft, provided a device agnostic view and had the most well designed user interface. The implementation was as easy as billed and our rollout has met with nothing but praise by students and faculty. A vendor relationship cannot get better than this!! I felt we had their complete attention, and I still feel like that. I also believe HighPoint approaches all their clients with both respect and excitement to have new ideas and to fine tune their solution.”

Kathy Bader

Kathy Bader
Assistant Vice Provost
Duke University

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