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We deliver a modern user experience to students on a mobile platform they trust, ensure students take the right classes at the right time, and help institutions improve Financial Aid compliance.

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PeopleSoft only.

We only work with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, and we have deep expertise in the platform’s capabilities. Our engineers are product experts.

Up and running in five weeks.

Because we work inside of PeopleSoft, data isn’t transferred between systems or moved around. No integrations are needed. We’re up and running fast.


“It could take us 2-3 months to review every application and track down students, often too late for the student to make the corrections before school began. Today, the student is alerted within 24-hours and we have reduced calls to our call center by at least 50 percent, totalling a savings of up to $300K per year.”

Dick Hamann
Dick Hamann

Vice President of Student Services, Seminole State College

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We help higher education institutions maximize their use of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions for greater efficiency, seamless student engagement, and maximum student success.


Chris Derickson
Chris Derickson

Assistant Vice Provost and Director Student Information Services and Systems, Duke University

“Duke is excited to continue our collaboration with HighPoint as a design partner for Degree Planner. The timing is actually ideal for Duke. There is a growing need for a more intuitive and powerful planning and degree tracking tool, and since our students have already embraced the Schedule Builder tool, HighPoint is an ideal option for this critical improvement to the suite of tools available to our students.”

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