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“In the first run of HighPoint’s [Financial Aid] process, we had some colleges with 25 to 30 percent of their population being tagged with ineligible courses. Over the course of a few months of running it, that number came down to below 5 percent for most of the colleges.”

Laurie Owens
Laurie Owens

Director of Financial Aid, Virginia’s Community Colleges

Degree Planner

  • Automatically help students identify the courses they should take to graduate
  • Clearly indicate the sequence in which to take classes
  • Easily explore various scenarios to see which option fits within a student’s graduation timeline

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Schedule Builder

  • Give students an easy way to build the perfect schedule that accommodates their life outside of school
  • Grant transparency into overall availability using real-time data so students are able to create the right schedule to complete their degree on time

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Campus Experience

  • Provide a secure, fast and easy way to navigate PeopleSoft Campus Solutions’ for students, faculty and advisors
  • Help students conduct the business of being a student, making it easier for them to manage classes, financial aid, administrative tasks, career path exploration, and communications, all from their smartphones

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Course Auditor

  • Ensure students take courses that qualify for their Financial Aid
  • Automate the compliance process by instantly notifying students of courses that will or will not qualify
  • Stay on track with Department of Ed Title IV requirements

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Message Center

  • Provide a rapid, FERPA-compliant platform to communicate with students
  • Easily track when students engage in conversations with faculty and staff

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SIS Automation

  • Move students faster through Financial Aid, Enrollment and Admissions processes
  • Automate Checklists, Messages, Service Indicators and UEMs to promote better business practices

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