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Course Auditor: Comply with Title IV requirements.

HighPoint Course Auditor ensures students take classes that qualify for their Financial Aid. Simplify the enrollment process by instantly notifying students of courses that will or will not qualify.


“In the first run of HighPoint’s [Financial Aid] process, we had some colleges with 25 to 30 percent of their population being tagged with ineligible courses. Over the course of a few months of running it, that number came down to below 5 percent for most of the colleges.”

Laurie Owens
Laurie Owens

Director of Financial Aid, Virginia’s Community Colleges


Automatically flag classes that fail to meet Course Applicability, Remedial Coursework, and Repeat Coursework requirements

View classes that don’t count during registration

Generate reports summarizing compliance

Define plans in PeopleSoft using setup tables.

Using our setup tables, institutions define the plans that will be evaluated by the process as well as any exceptions to the course applicability, remedial units, or repeat coursework rules. The Course Audit process is run in conjunction with the advisement report to evaluate the eligibility of each course.

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