The more students can do on their own, the more successful they will become. That’s why we bring the data inside PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to the fingertips of students so they can build their own future.

HighPoint Schedule Builder

HighPoint Schedule Builder takes the complexity and hassles out of organizing a schedule. No one, particularly students, want to jump through hoops to plan their course load. Logging into a computer, scheduling appointments with an advisor and cross-checking the course’s applicability to their degree program are just a few examples how students waste their time and energy building a schedule. Even more frustrating is when they think they have their schedule finalized and discover a class is no longer available or is impossible to get to from the previous class. Back to square one.

HighPoint helps every student become a master builder. Schedule builder, that is. Our Schedule Builder product solves the student’s worst pain points by putting all of the functionality, features and automation they need in one place. We ensure students have the real-time information and resources they need to expertly plan their classes and reach their academic goals in the most efficient way possible – and they can do it all from their device of choice.

HighPoint Schedule Builder Features

RealTime Class Availability

RealTime Class Availability

Check availability of classes in the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions database

Location Enabled

Location Enabled

Find the location of classes on a map with distances and walking times

Smart Filters

Smart Filters

Filter classes based on their personal availability

Social Searchability

Social Searchability

Search for friends’ schedules

Advanced Reporting

View student usage of Schedule Builder and heat maps of student and class availability

What it Does

Schedule Builder enables students to create their class schedules on the go, anytime, and save money and time while they’re at it. Students seem to really like that. They also enjoy the beautiful interface we offer to do just about anything when it comes to building their schedules. No standing in line or waiting for eligibility verifications. It’s all there, in real time, no help required.

We included features we know are important to students, like mapping classes so they aren’t running from one end of campus to the other. We know many students work or have outside commitments, so we wanted to give them a way to input their personal schedules so they can plan their classes around their availability rather than the other way around. It’s features like this that wow students and help them succeed.

Schedule Builder gives the student the power to:

  • Check availability of classes in the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions database
  • Find the location of classes on a map with distances and walking times
  • Filter classes based on their personal availability
  • Search for friends’ schedules

How it Works

While many of our products can stand alone, HighPoint Schedule Builder works beautifully with HighPoint Mobile, offering students the ultimate in accessibility and flexibility. From there, they have access to their degree blueprint, HighPoint Degree Planner, to keep them focused and on track. Used together, students can identify and enroll in the exact classes they need to reach their goals the fastest, eliminating the risk of taking classes that won’t count for credit or financial aid.

Prior to displaying schedules to a student, Schedule Builder will validate the selected courses to ensure they have met the appropriate prerequisites. Students can decide whether they want to complete enrollment or find another class that does qualify. Either way, students are informed when they enroll, keeping costs and frustration down and graduation rates up.

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