Students begin their college careers inspired, motivated and optimistic but often quickly become overwhelmed, confused and lost.

Students Need Direction to Help Them Find Their Way

Navigating their educational journey is complicated and parents are no longer around to show them the way. One wrong turn and they could delay graduation and incur unnecessary costs. If it happens frequently enough, students are more likely to give up all together.


HighPoint Roadmap

HighPoint Roadmap gives students and any business user direction by visually representing whichever journey they are on at any given time. They can choose their direction and as long as they follow the set course, they will reach their end goal faster and with less frustration.

Staff can define the overall flow for a student so students can see not only where they are currently, but where they are to go next and where that road will eventually lead them. This could be their academic path or their progress in financial aid payments.

The benefits of having a roadmap are simple to understand. It’s like having GPS navigation for your academic career that leads to the end goal of graduation. Every necessary class, prerequisite and administrative obligation are conveniently located along the path, in the sequence in which they should be completed. As students travel, they can have the satisfaction of checking those classes and duties off their list and moving towards their next goal.

HighPoint Financial Aid Roadmap

How it Works

HighPoint Roadmap is a separately designed application that is fully-integrated with HighPoint Mobile. Its configuration is flexible and query-driven, allowing institutions to provide a roadmap for any business process flow their offices may have. The application is accessible anytime from any networked device, putting the step-by-step directions in the palm of the hand.

Students can monitor their progress and work with faculty to alter their course. Every change is updated in real time, giving students instant insight into how those changes may impact their goals. Students can also share their journey with family and friends who can cheer them on as they move closer and closer to graduation.

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