Communication may be the most important aspect of any relationship, but how we communicate is changing as quickly as the technology that enables it.

Significantly fewer households have land lines and a growing number of people rarely check voicemail, particularly young students. While everyone has an opinion on which modern communication channels are best, most would agree they must involve a mobile device. We use our devices for virtually everything these days and communicating through them has become second nature.

In the past, institutions had few options when it came to communicating with students. Email is easy and fast to distribute, but lengthy emails rarely get read, especially for students on the go. While college students generally still prefer email, they admit they get too many, delete quite a few and skim most of the rest on their mobile device as they’re walking to class. It can be a challenge for institutions to engage with students and ensure messages are getting through.

HighPoint Mobile Message Center

HighPoint Message Center

HighPoint Message Center gives institutions an effective method of engaging with the most students in the easiest way possible for both the school and the students. Our PeopleSoft enhancement gives faculty, administrators and business offices a convenient platform that facilitates two-way communication with students using a combination of the most used channels.

Although not a requirement, institutions who choose to use HighPoint Mobile get the most out of the Message Center. Because students are always on their devices, we integrate the Message Center functionality with HighPoint Mobile so institutions can engage with students on the devices they have with them 24/7.

Schools can send simple push notifications and/or nudges that inform the student(s) there is a more detailed message waiting for them in their personal Message Center. Every message and thread is stored in one place, easily accessible from any networked device. No need to wait to read the messages until you are logged in from a computer. Students can respond directly to messages, file them and archive them from their device.

HighPoint Message Center Features

Our Message Center platform leverages the data within PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and adds additional features not available with PeopleSoft alone. We listened to institutions and understand what students want most in how they communicate with their schools. The Message Center has all of the functionality with none of the complexity.

Automated Mass Messaging

Automated Mass Messaging

Send mass messages using an external file or query-driven process

Real-time Communication

Real-time Communication

Enable real-time messaging and communications

Ad Hoc Messaging

Ad Hoc Messaging

Deliver ad hoc messages

Message Individual Students

Message Individual Students

Easily send messages to groups or individual students

Threaded Conversations

Engage in threaded conversations

Push Notifications

Send push notifications and nudges to students’ devices via HighPoint Mobile

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Message Center

How it Works

Security and privacy are always a concern, so we ensure our Message Center provides a reliable, FERPA-compliant platform that reduces risk. We also provide an easy way to measure success. Institutions can gauge message penetration and open rates easily to gain better understanding of which messages are resonating and engaging and which ones need improvement.

Message Center is completely compatible with your underlying 3C structure, but removes the inherent complexities while capturing actual views and instantaneous conversation threads. It sits inside of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and requires no external applications.

While the Message Center is fully functional on its own and can be accessed through the PeopleSoft Student Center, it integrates beautifully into HighPoint Mobile to provide all of the functionality from any wi-fi enabled device. Message Center provides:

  • Certificate of delivery
  • Bidirectional messaging
  • Institution-controlled reply authorization
  • Threaded messages
  • Notifications of client-selected events with links to the message content in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

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