It’s a wonderful thing to offer a student the opportunity to attend college with a little financial help. College tuition is on the rise and for many students, financial aid is their only hope to go to college and graduate.

HighPoint Financial Aid Automation

We think institutions could use a little help, too, because administering financial aid to so many students and keeping up with the ever-changing requirements can be challenging.

HighPoint Financial Aid Automation is an application that helps financial aid offices move students through the process more efficiently. The name gives away our secret – automation. We believe the more steps that can be automated, the faster people can complete more tasks. Automation also allows users to do more for themselves and requires fewer resources.

Who Benefits?

By automatically assigning and waiving PeopleSoft checklists, students can take ownership of their financial aid. Nearly half of the checklist items can be addressed by the student without making a trip to the financial aid office. They can track their payment progress using HighPoint Roadmap, and receive notifications, information and reminders in the HighPoint Message Center. The time they do spend in the financial aid office can be spent learning how to pay off their debt and manage their loan. Now that’s aid any student could use.

Financial aid offices
The Department of Education sets forth how financial aid must be administered, but these requirements change from year to year. Institutions are at constant risk for non-compliance. Our system is designed to enable users to easily adjust the software to configure these changes without needing to ask for technical assistance or depend on unreliable custom-built tools. Because students are more empowered to to complete checklist items themselves and have fewer complaints, staff get more time back in their day to help students succeed.

HighPoint Financial Aid Automation Features

HighPoint Financial Aid is the simplest way to manage the complex financial aid process and priorities. We included features that dramatically reduce administrative time, work and resources while improving the student experience. Students gain easy access to their accounts and can efficiently manage their progress. Our Financial Aid Automation solution has a long list of benefits that may surprise you:

Enrollment Booster

Enrollment Booster

Improve student enrollment numbers by being able to present financial aid packages ahead of other schools

Task Automation

Task Automation

Reduced administrative work through automating tasks and delegating many of them to students

Increased face-time

Increased face-time

Increased higher-value face-time with students for debt counseling and loan management

Real-time Communication

Easy Communication

Improved relationships between financial aid office and students

FERPA Compliant

FERPA Compliant

Closed-loop communications with HighPoint Message Center so staff can send FERPA-compliant messages to students

HighPoint Message Center

How it Works

HighPoint Financial Aid Automation is a separately licensed application that may run either integrated with HighPoint Message Center or separately installed without HighPoint Mobile Campus.

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