Most institutions present students with a list of required courses they must finish in order to complete their degrees. While somewhat helpful, we recognized a list of courses isn’t exactly a plan.

Students need a bit more direction to help them succeed.

In fact, when students succeed, institutions do as well. Institutions are being graded in terms of their ability to help students complete their degrees within a structured timeframe, often two or four years. The less time it takes a student to graduate, the lower the costs. Many states have taken up the initiative and have implemented performance-based funding which ties state aid to the institution’s on-time graduation rate.


HighPoint Degree Planner

HighPoint Degree Planner is designed to give institutions a simple yet beautiful way to give their students a clear pathway to on-time degree completion. Students are in the driver’s seat; they can specify how many course credits they can manage per term based on their personal schedules. While some students can take a full load, others are balancing work and other commitments and may need a lighter one. Either way, students can specify from term to term how many hours they can dedicate to coursework.

Then something magical happens. Degree Planner generates a plan of suggested courses for the student to fulfill their degree requirements based on the accreditations they are seeking and the courses already completed. These course suggestions are unique semester to semester as they guide the student down their educational pathway towards degree completion.

Our solution is so intuitive, it takes into account the order the courses should be taken and provides options if there are multiple courses that could satisfy the same requirement. The plan self-adjusts as students perform “what if” scenarios as they build their schedules or consider changing their major. Never before have students had such an easy way to manipulate their journey and visualize their success.

HighPoint Degree Planner Features

Degree Process Dashboard

Degree Process Dashboard

Displays course selections completed vs needed, and units planned units per Term and Year

Smart Scheduling

Smart Scheduling

The ability to theorize possible schedules and areas of study to determine how changes may impact their credit requirements and graduation timeframe



Seamless integration with HighPoint Schedule Builder, Message Center and HighPoint Mobile

Multi-Platform Support

Easy Implementation

Students can import their proposed term agenda into HighPoint Schedule Builder to make their plan a reality

Oracle Campus Analytics

Advanced Reporting

Identify students needing intervention, utilize better course demand information for class scheduling

How it Works

HighPoint Degree Planner is licensed separately as a PeopleSoft product with a HighPoint Mobile plugin. It mobilizes the PeopleSoft Advisement Report so students can easily incorporate those considerations into their HighPoint Mobile experience.

We made the interface simple, yet beautiful, focused on a dashboard with rich graphical representation and streamlined logical flow of the student’s progress through completion of their degree.

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