The Race for Student Outcomes


It’s no secret that institutions are on a crusade to improve student outcomes. The reasons and motivations are varied. It can be for reputational, funding, or even competitive purposes, but it is clear that this new student success mandate is here to stay. What is less clear, however, is how institutions will go about achieving it.



Student Success Strategy at PeopleSoft Institutions

In a new Leadership Briefing, we describe the popular big data and predictive analytics approach that some institutions are currently endeavoring to improve results. The report outlines an alternative approach specifically available to PeopleSoft institutions that is delivering measurable improvements with less risk.


Read full report:  Leadership Briefing:  Improving Outcomes for PeopleSoft Institutions



While some are experiencing slight improvements with predictive analytics projects, there are still cautionary notes about their early use and approach as reported in New America’s The Promise and Peril of Predictive Analytics in Higher Education.

As an alternate path, HighPoint has developed a unique approach to improving the student and administrative experience across campus.   Rather than integrating external systems, transferring student information outside the institution, or gambling with predictions, HighPoint solutions work from inside the SIS to provide the functionality, accessibility, and contemporary experience that matters most to students and the administrators that support their journey.

Applying a “procedural” method that uses a combination of design-thinking, behavioral science, and an outcomes orientation in software development can achieve transformative outcomes with little disruption to current systems and workflows.

The HighPoint approach incorporates three concepts that drive outcomes for client institutions:

  • Design the user experience for what students need and want
  • Automate time-consuming & repetitive processes for back-office staff
  • Deploy tools that deliver impact across departments, simultaneously


You can learn more about the Student Success Module and available configurations for PeopleSoft institutions via the new Leadership Briefing…