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  • The Race for Student Outcomes

    It’s no secret that institutions are on a crusade to improve student outcomes. The reasons and motivations are varied. It can be for reputational, funding, or even competitive purposes, but it is clear that this new student success mandate is here to stay. What is less clear, however, is how institutions will go about achieving

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  • The Push for Guided Pathways

    Guided Pathways boost graduation rates

    Guided Pathways Gaining Traction Guided Pathways is not a particularly new idea, but it is rapidly becoming the buzzword for universities and colleges attempting to improve student outcomes. With graduation rates remaining stagnant and funding dollars directly tied to this key metric, institutions are doing everything they can to move the needle. One of the

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  • What Are You Doing to Make Financial Aid More Accessible?

    HighPoint eases financial aid process

    The Financial Aid Myths There are plenty of myths circulating around financial aid. One is that financial aid is hard to qualify for, even if you are low income. Another is that high school students are aware of college financial aid opportunities. Yet another is that institutions will help students properly complete their financial aid

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  • Shifting Perspectives: Financial Aid Efficiency and Compliance

    Financial Aid Automation eliminates paperwork

    The Financial Aid Grind There’s something students and financial aid staff have in common: they both suffer from process overload. As much as students struggle to complete all of the paperwork and keep track of their course eligibility, financial aid offices are laboring over applications, disbursements, and documents in hopes of remaining compliant with the

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  • Shifting Perspectives: Guided Pathways and On-Time Graduation

    Guided pathways to on-time graduation

    Are Guided Pathways The Key to Graduation? When students enter their post-secondary journeys, they begin with the end in mind: graduation. They apply, enroll and begin their experience in the hopes that in two, four, or six years, they will graduate their program of study and move into the workforce prepared. They understand there are

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  • Shifting Perspectives: Student Experience

    HighPoint improves the student experience

    Why The Student Experience Is Such A Big Deal Higher learning institutions are intimately familiar with the “student experience.” They live and breathe it every day, understanding how their very existence is based on how successful their students are while in their schools. Thanks to the Department of Education’s Title IV mandates, schools with better

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  • Shifting Perspectives: Student Engagement and Communications

    Shifting Perspectives: Student Engagement and Communications

    The Importance of Student Engagement and Why It’s So Hard You don’t have to look for long to find research on the importance of student engagement. Boiling it down, student engagement is often the difference between student success and student failure. Students who are more engaged simply do better. They are more likely to reach

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  • Shifting Perspectives: Higher Ed Access to Student Outcomes

    School is no longer out of reach

    College Access Is No Longer The Primary Focus Decades ago, higher learning institutions were out of reach for many. Access and affordability were the top concerns. Either the admission policies were too stringent, there were limited ways to pay for an education, or the costs simply out of reach. Many opted to immediately enter the

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  • Guided Pathways Are Better Than Going At It Alone

    Guided Pathways Are Better Than Going At It Alone

    What Are Guided Pathways? Higher learning institutions are hearing quite a bit these days about guided pathways. According to Community College Research Center (CCRC), “College students are more likely to complete a degree in a timely fashion if they choose a program and develop an academic plan early on, have a clear roadmap of the

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  • New Administration, New Financial Aid Scrutiny

    New Administration, New Financial Aid Scrutiny

    The Challenges for Students and Higher Learning Institutions We’ve heard so much about President Trump’s first 100 days – what has been accomplished, what has yet to be accomplished, and new policy changes. Every U.S. president is subjected to scrutiny when it comes to this 100-day milestone. One of the hot issues for this administration

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